• Property Taxes

    Property Tax 101 – Learn More About Property Taxes in Texas

    One thing that every homeowner in Texas should be receiving in the coming days is their property tax bill because it’s usually mailed by the end of October. Property taxes in Texas are due upon receipt and this means that if they are not paid by January 31st at the latest, they will be considered to be delinquent and a homeowner may start receiving interest charges on their original property tax amount by February 1st. Understanding Property Taxes in Texas If you just moved to Texas and purchased a home or you’ve lived here for years and need a ‘refresher” on your property taxes, here is information on property taxes…

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  • Property Tax Protest

    How to file a property tax protest

    Feeling the shock of this year’s property appraisal notice? Consider challenging the appraisal. It’s easier than you think! Below is a time line for the process and some details about how protest your Property Tax Appraisal January 1st: Date When Your Home Value is Appraised Your home’s appraised value for the year is based on its condition + what the property could sell for – on this date. Keep in mind, the appraisal district arrives at a figure by calculating the market value of your property. And your home’s condition on Jan. 1 is key as you look at factors that may affect the value. Any damage or improvements after…