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    Tired Of Stock Market Losses? Why Not Invest In Rental Properties Instead?

    Are you a stock market investor in Central Texas who is tired of seeing your portfolio get hit with record stock market losses? If so, maybe it’s time that you consider investing in rental properties instead! If you’ve never considered investing in rental properties before, this article provides you with several reasons why rental properties make a smart, time-tested investment. Reasons to invest in rental properties Let’s say that you’re a long time stock market investor who’s thought about investing in rental properties in the past but has never decided to purchase one. Rental properties offer a stable, consistent monthly income because of the obvious reason, people always need places…

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    Tips for Selling Your Home During the Summer Months

    Are you planning on selling your Austin Texas home this summer? If so, you’re making a smart choice because mortgage interest rates remain low while demand for real estate in the ATX area is high. If you’ve never sold a home before during the summer months, I will provide you with several tips to consider that will help make your home more memorable than others that a buyer may be thinking about buying. Tip #1 – Control the Environment Inside Your Home Since it’s summer in Central Texas everyone is having to deal with the heat. The good news is that you can turn the heat to your advantage by…

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    For Buyers: Our House Is A Very, Very, Very Fine House

    FOR BUYERS: OUR HOUSE IS A VERY, VERY, VERY FINE HOUSE Nowadays, it’s rare to see houses without some form of smart home technology. It’s popular for a reason. Be it reducing your electric bill, or sheer convenience, there’s something for everyone and for nearly every purpose. Here’s a list of top home technology trends for 2017. Do you have any of these in your home? Would you like to? 5 Top Trends for Smart Homes In 2017 by REBAC Staff. © 2016-2017 REBAC.net.

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    Market Quick Hits = Opportunity

    Market Quick Hits “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work” ― Thomas Edison Units closed in April 2017 decreased 3.8% compared to April 2016. Year to date we’re up 1%. The Austin MSA inventory is up 16.9%, 15.1% in Travis County and 14.6% in Austin City Limits. Year to date condo sales are up 13%. Condos currently represent 10% of the total sales in the Austin MSA and 20% of the total sales in Austin city limits. Current interest rates for a 30-year fixed are 4%; down 0.125% from the beginning of May. Builder incentives and seller concessions are on the rise once again. Percentage of sold price…

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    Property Tax Protest, 2017

    Taxes, Taxes & More Taxes “The thing generally raised on city land is taxes.” -Charles Dudley Warner 2017 is the year we should all be protesting our property tax assessments. While 2016 was a record breaking year for home sales in the metro area, annual home sales growth slid from 5% to 1%  and price growth from 8% to 6%. Yet, it’s almost a certainty that your notice of appraised value shows increases of 10%+. That tells me it’s time to review your tax assessment carefully with your favorite Realtor. You have probably received advertisements from companies offering to help you protest the value. While some of these services can be of value to those with little time,…

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    Looking Ahead To The 2017 Housing Market

    Looking ahead to the 2017 Housing Market Blame it on the election cycle, the climbing interest rates or affordability, and I’ve heard it all, the central Texas housing rate of growth very clearly slowed in 2016 compared to previous years. The good news is that the Austin metro area had another record breaking year with home values and sales. Though the housing market traditionally slows every presidential election year, I wouldn’t blame the second half of last year being slower than the previous three years solely on the election. The normalization of our market in 2016, meaning a less aggressive rate of growth, will likely continue – though check out the…

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    Reviewing the 2016 Housing Market

    “Change in the Air”Reviewing the Housing Market 2016 proved to be another solid year for Texas home owners, sellers and buyers. Here in Central Texas, home values continued to climb to record numbers as did the total units and dollar volume sold. But with change hanging over heads all year long, it’s little surprise to see some rates of change slow to a more “normal” market, as yours truly projected last January. This time last year the Austin Board of Realtors reported that during 2015 the metro area saw 5% growth in terms of units closed and an appreciation rate of 8%, and citing it was “primarily due to our…

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    A Note From Scott, October2016

    A Note From Scott Howdy, y’all! The peak home sales season may have passed but our little team of Real Estate professionals hasn’t slowed in the least. To the contrary, our buyers, and many of our homeowners for that matter, are busier than ever. To me, the fall is the best time of year to consider all of your options as a homeowner or prospective homeowner. Regardless of your situation, we would love to visit with you to see if we can make your current situation even better! Considering a move-up or relocation? We should build that plan today! Ready to enter the marketplace as a first time home buyer? With today’s interest…

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    New To The Austin MLS: “CS” Listings

    New to the Austin MLS:  “CS” listings For a few years, local buyers have had countless reasons to be frustrated. The lack of inventory has made it difficult to win offers and often they’ve missed out on opportunities entirely as some homes contract without ever hitting the open market. Realtors have tried countless ways to adapt creating numerous underground market portals that only fractions of the local Realtor community actually join. But now, a game changer from the Austin Board of Realtors (ABOR) and I think sellers and buyers will be pleased! The Austin Board of Realtors has launched a new MLS status called Coming Soon or CS. This new status was implemented in an effort…

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    May Is National Moving Month

    Hard to believe but it’s already May which means it’s National Moving Month! May marks the beginning of the peak sales season for real estate where we’ll see nearly 50% of 2015’s housing transactions take place. If the reported number of homes going pending in April holds true, we’ll see a 10-year high in closed units during May; a record we may break several times this summer as interest rates remain below 4%. More than half of our May 2015 home sellers built their plan with us a year ago.  Whether you are ready to make a move this summer or are considering one for next year, we should meet now and build the plan together!

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