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    Time again for your annual home review!

    Are you ready for 2019? This is that time of year to chat with your favorite Realtor for your annual home review. As your home is likely your biggest investment,  it’s critical to consider these 5 questions every year: What changes have occurred in your life that alter your goals for the next 5 years? What properties near you have sold, and how does this impact you today? What’s happening in your neighborhood that will impact the value of your home? What’s occurring with your current mortgage and what changes could benefit you? What new tax laws give you deductions or credits on home improvements? Message me now and let’s answer these together to make…

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    Market Quick Hits = Opportunity

    Market Quick Hits “We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work” ― Thomas Edison Units closed in April 2017 decreased 3.8% compared to April 2016. Year to date we’re up 1%. The Austin MSA inventory is up 16.9%, 15.1% in Travis County and 14.6% in Austin City Limits. Year to date condo sales are up 13%. Condos currently represent 10% of the total sales in the Austin MSA and 20% of the total sales in Austin city limits. Current interest rates for a 30-year fixed are 4%; down 0.125% from the beginning of May. Builder incentives and seller concessions are on the rise once again. Percentage of sold price…

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    Reviewing the 2016 Housing Market

    “Change in the Air”Reviewing the Housing Market 2016 proved to be another solid year for Texas home owners, sellers and buyers. Here in Central Texas, home values continued to climb to record numbers as did the total units and dollar volume sold. But with change hanging over heads all year long, it’s little surprise to see some rates of change slow to a more “normal” market, as yours truly projected last January. This time last year the Austin Board of Realtors reported that during 2015 the metro area saw 5% growth in terms of units closed and an appreciation rate of 8%, and citing it was “primarily due to our…

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    Austin Market Watch

    Once again, real estate sales in the Austin metro area are off to another fast start. While 2014 was a record breaking year, home sales are currently outpacing last year by at least 10% for single family dwellings with many listings still receiving multiple offers and selling over list price! And though early year projections for interest rates ranged from 4.0-4.2% with climbs throughout the year to between 5-5.4%,  today the rates remain sub 4% for a 30 year fixed.  WOW! I’ll never get tired of seeing rates in the 3’s though I’m afraid those days are numbered. With home values at historic highs and the cost of money still at historic lows home sellers and buyers are sure to be…

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    What Does Every Home Owner Want To Know?

    Time and again, I’m asked the one question home owners want to know most, “what did my neighbor’s home sell for?” Real Estate In ATX is proud to now offer Market Snapshot to answer that very question with a free monthly report, custom fit to your home. It’s easy to sign up for and you don’t have to talk to anyone to get the info!   Sign up today and share with your friends. Help them find the answer the question everyone is asking! VisitATXHomeReports.com to sign up for your report now.   Of course if you are preparing to sell your home, call me and we’ll start building the right strategy for you.    

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