• Stats

    Real Estate Stats: A Simple Formula of Supply and Demand

    Don’t be persuaded by meaningless statistics! Real Estate is a simple formula consisting of a personal status compared to the current state of both supply and demand. It does not matter what happened in Austin last year. It does not matter what happened five years ago. It’s what’s happening right now that matters. What’s happening right now you ask? See the graph above and ask me what it could mean for you. Call me at 512.944.7378.

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  • Selling in Austin

    Influential Factors in Selling Your Home

    The residential real estate market in Austin and its surrounding areas is influenced by many factors. There’s a lot of opportunity which is why it is important for sellers to fully understand those influences in getting the best and most timely dollar for their properties. I’ve seen it all over the last decade and can market your property in effective ways –and get your property in the shape it needs to be in to get top dollar — to do just that. Call me to discuss your prospective sale. Scott Lawrence 512.944.7378

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  • Buying in Austin

    Low Inventory in Austin

    Whether you are a first time home buyer, moving up to your dream home or buying that vacation home you’ve always wanted, buying real estate in Austin can be a tricky endeavor. Presently, the Austin inventory is at historic lows. Low inventory means “proceed with caution and put your absolute best foot forward”. To develop a plan to purchase, reach out to me now! Scott Lawrence 512.944.7378

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  • Areas


    Technically “Uptown” is defined as the Austin MLS Areas 2 & 4 and includes the following neighborhoods: Hyde Park, Rosedale, Shoalmont, Allandale, Crestview, Brentwood, Highlands, Violet Crown. The boundary lines are in between Mopac & IH-35 and North of 35th Street up to Hwy 183. [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/idx/?idx-q-ZipCodes%3C0%3E=78752&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C1%3E=78757&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C2%3E=78756&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C3%3E=78751&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C4%3E=78731″ bg_color=”#000000″]Search Homes in Uptown[/button] [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/tag/www-realestateinatx-comuptown/” bg_color=”#000000″]Learn More About Uptown[/button] Uptown Austin is in redevelopment heaven. From bungalow remodels to modern finished new builds, there’s literally something for everyone. Trendy coffeehouses aren’t the only thing defining the area these days. The uptown culinary explosion offers new and innovative eating options, and countless craft bars and nightspots are popping up on seemingly every corner.…

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    Technically “SoCo, SoLa, SoFi” are defined as the Austin MLS Areas 6 & 7 and is famous zip code of 78704. These hip Austin neighborhoods include: Barton Hills, Barton Heights, Travis Heights, Bannister Heights, Bouldin, and Brinwood. [button link=” http://realestateinatx.com/idx/?idx-q-ZipCodes%3C0%3E=78704″ bg_color=”#030003″]Search Homes in 78704[/button] [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/tag/78704/” bg_color=”#000000″]Learn More About 78704[/button] For years, there’s been no better place in Austin than 78704. It’s more than just a zip code right? With some of Austin’s best performing arts facilities, festival grounds such as Auditorium Shores & Zilker Park and nationally recognized restaurants like Uchi and Barley Swine, it’s no wonder locals call 78704 a way of life. Scott’s favorites: Barton Springs: http://austintexas.gov/department/barton-springs-pool…

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    West Austin

    Technically “Old Austin” is defined as the Austin MLS Areas UT & 1B and is east of Mopac. The classic old Austin neighborhoods include: Clarksville, Pemberton Heights, Old Enfield, Bryker Woods, The Arts District, West University, and Saint Andrews. [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/idx/?idx-q-ZipCodes%3C0%3E=78730&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C1%3E=78731&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C2%3E=78746&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C3%3E=78703″ bg_color=”#000000″]Search Homes in West Austin[/button] [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/tag/west-austin/” bg_color=”#000000″]Learn More About West Austin[/button] No matter where you are in Austin, downtown is just a heartbeat away. But for those wanting a backyard and still have the luxury of being downtown, Old Austin is the place to be. Historic housing with stunning architecture runs on both sides of Mopac from the River up to 35th Street. Area owners will enjoy some…

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    Technically “North Austin” covers a lot of ground and is defined as the Austin MLS Areas RRE, RRW, CLS, CLN, PF, NW, N, 2N, NE. These suburb areas include: North Austin, Cedar Park, Pflugerville, Round Rock, and Leander. [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/idx/?idx-q-ZipCodes%3C0%3E=78602&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C1%3E=78610&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C2%3E=78612&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C3%3E=78612&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C4%3E=78613&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C5%3E=78615&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C6%3E=78616&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C7%3E=78617&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C8%3E=78620&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C9%3E=78626&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C10%3E=78628&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C11%3E=78632&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C12%3E=78634&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C13%3E=78641&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C14%3E=78642&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C15%3E=78644&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C16%3E=78646&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C17%3E=78652&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C18%3E=78653&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C19%3E=78660&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C20%3E=78664&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C21%3E=78669&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C22%3E=78681&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C23%3E=78717&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C24%3E=78719&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C25%3E=78726&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C26%3E=78727&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C27%3E=78728&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C28%3E=78729&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C29%3E=78730&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C30%3E=78731&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C31%3E=78733&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C32%3E=78734&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C33%3E=78735&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C34%3E=78736&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C35%3E=78737&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C36%3E=78738&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C37%3E=78739&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C38%3E=78741&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C39%3E=78742&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C40%3E=78746&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C41%3E=78748&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C42%3E=78749&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C43%3E=78750&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C44%3E=78752&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C45%3E=78754&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C46%3E=78758&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C47%3E=78759″ bg_color=”#000000″]Search Homes in the Metro[/button] [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/tag/metro/” bg_color=”#000000″]Learn More About the Metro[/button] Some of the fastest growing areas in the country can be found north of 183.Fantastic schools & an abundance of master planned communities aren’t the only draw. Whether it’s the Express fans in Round Rock, the Texas Stars fans in Cedar Park, the Dell & Samsung loyals of Pflugerville or the hill country lovers in Leander, families can…

  • Areas

    East Austin

    Technically “East Austin” is defined as the Austin MLS Areas 3 & 5 and includes the following neighborhoods: Rosewood, University Park, Chestnut, Comal, Glenwood, Mueller, Delwood, University Hills, and Windsor Park. [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/idx/?idx-q-ZipCodes%3C0%3E=78722&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C1%3E=78723&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C2%3E=78752&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C3%3E=78702&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C4%3E=78721″ bg_color=”#000000″]Search Homes in East Austin[/button] [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/tag/east-austin/” bg_color=”#030003″]Learn More About East Austin[/button] “East Austin has unseated South Congress and Travis Heights as Austin’s newest hipster home base”, so says a recent Forbes article. With redevelopment in every section of housing east of IH-35 and with the likes of America’s best BBQ at Franklin Barbecue (Bon Appetite Magazine), it’s no wonder why. As lending guidelines for builders and developers continue to loosen up, the development on the east…

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    Technically “Downtown” is defined as the Austin MLS Areas DT, but if you add the search specifics to just “townhome” and/or “lofts” you’ll come across the downtown condo community. Downtown living opportunities include the following developments: The Austonian, The W, Five Fifty 05, Caswell Lofts, The 360, Nokonah, Plaza Lofts, Sabine, Towers of Town Lake, The Spring, and Austin City Lofts. [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/idx/?idx-q-ZipCodes%3C0%3E=78701&idx-q-ZipCodes%3C1%3E=78705″ bg_color=”#000000″]Search Homes in Downtown[/button] [button link=”http://realestateinatx.com/tag/downtown/” bg_color=”#000000″]Learn More About Downtown[/button] For the urbanites that can’t get enough nightlife or simply want to walk to work it’s never been a better time to move downtown. The condo development explosion from a few years ago has leveled off leaving…