Electric Vehicle Ownership On The Rise In Travis County

In 2022, it’s not uncommon to see at least one Tesla in Austin, or across Travis County, daily, compared to two years ago when seeing the most well-known electric car on the market was like spotting a unicorn.

One of the biggest reasons why more drivers are investing in electric vehicles in Travis County is Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, who has a home and factory in the Austin area.

Since Tesla’s are now made in Texas, it’s not unlikely that we will see more people driving EMV’s in the next 5 years, especially if prices on the average electric vehicle become more affordable for the average car buyer.

Demand on the rise

Statewide, about 121,500 electric vehicles have been registered — equating to just 0.5% of all 23.68 million vehicles in Texas. As with the raw numbers, Travis County leads the state in terms of its proportion of electric vehicles, at 1.8% of the total registered here.

While both percentages are small, demand for electric vehicles is expected to grow substantially because the technology is becoming less expensive, and more charging stations are being put in place. As a result, conventional automakers have been attempting to catch up to Tesla and other electric-vehicle manufacturers by adding electric-powered models to their lineups — including pickups — and advertising them heavily.

In Texas, clean-energy proponents and Tesla enthusiasts say it’s no surprise that residents of the Austin area are on the vanguard of electric-vehicle adoption, given the region’s tradition of environmental advocacy and its big high-tech workforce that is supportive of innovation.

“All my clients moving here work in tech, (and) they either have a Tesla or have one on order,” said Matt Holm, a local real estate agent who heads the Tesla Owners Club of Austin. “It’s not a car — you are driving a computer that continues to get software updates and get better as you go.”


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