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What’s Life Really Like In Austin Texas?

Austin Texas has been rated as one of the best cities to live in the United States for a few years now because we still have an affordable cost of living here, good home prices, plenty of things to do and a thriving jobs market.

Even though the press coverage of Austin has been good, many articles typically don’t tell the full story when it comes to what the area is really like.

In this article we will provide some insight into life in Austin so you know what to expect if you plan on moving here.

An Insiders Guide To Austin

For those looking for a progressive culture, Austin’s got it. A 2017 survey by housing website Nestpick found that Austin is the third-best city for LGBTQ people in the US and 24th best in the world.


Only two other US cities were ahead of Austin in the ranking: New York (No. 1) and San Francisco (No. 2).


While the weather in Austin is mild generally, summer temperatures can be scorching, often breaching the triple digits.


And although Texas is typically a conservative state, the city of Austin skews left. As the Austin-


American Statesman’s Eric Webb writes, Austin is a “blueberry in the tomato soup of Texas.”


The history of the city’s current music reputation — its “musical rebirth” — can be traced to the 1970s.


According to U.S. News, Austin has a healthier job market than other similarly sized metro areas in the country.


State agencies based in Austin constitute another sizable source of local employment.

According to U.S. News, the average annual salary in Austin is $51,840, compared to the national average of $50,620.

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