Tips for Selling Your Home During the Summer Months

Are you planning on selling your Austin Texas home this summer? If so, you’re making a smart choice because mortgage interest rates remain low while demand for real estate in the ATX area is high.

If you’ve never sold a home before during the summer months, I will provide you with several tips to consider that will help make your home more memorable than others that a buyer may be thinking about buying.

Tip #1 – Control the Environment Inside Your Home

Since it’s summer in Central Texas everyone is having to deal with the heat. The good news is that you can turn the heat to your advantage by controlling the environment inside of your home.

How? You can control the environment by first setting the temperature in your home to a comfortable 78 degrees or cooler. Your goal with having a comfortable temperature inside your home is for buyers to feel an instant sense of relief and you want to make it less enticing for them to leave right away.

Tip #2 – Encourage Buyers to Sit and Relax

Besides controlling the temperature inside your home, you should also encourage buyers to sit and relax for a while by leaving bottles of water, soda or lemonade out for them to drink while touring the house.

Besides leaving refreshments out for buyers, you should also make sure that your home has plenty of places for them to sit and relax because this will help them to feel more “at home” when they are inside your home.

Tip #3 – Go on A Vacation

Have you scheduled your vacation yet? If not, why not take two weeks and go on vacation while your home is for sale? This will help give your Realtor® more time to show your house while you are away and eliminate them having to be concerned if your home is in “showable” condition when they call to tell you that they are bringing someone by.

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