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Should You Invest in A Swimming Pool For Your Home?

Now that summer has arrived, you may be wondering if you should invest in a swimming pool for your backyard because, with the summer heat, everyone is thinking about ways to stay cool and having a swimming pool in the backyard is definitely one of the best ways to accomplish that goal.

If you’re “on the fence” about making the decision to invest in a swimming pool for your ATX home, this article will provide you with more information about everything you need to know before having a pool built on your property.

How Much Does A Swimming Pool Cost?

Yes, you could go to Walmart in purchase a pop-up swimming pool for only $300, or you could invest in having a real swimming pool, that will be built in your backyard and last for decades to come but the big question is how much will it cost?

As of 2019, depending upon the contractor that you choose in Central Texas, the average swimming pool can cost anywhere from $21,000 or more to have a swimming pool built in your backyard.

$21,000 is the least that you can expect to pay in upfront costs, unless you rent a backhoe and dig the pool yourself because, besides the upfront cost, there’s also going to be an additional cost that you should expect to pay including new landscaping and ongoing maintenance costs.

What Value Will It Add to Your Home?

Thanks to many Real Estate websites like houselogic.com, we know that a typical swimming pool in the South can add up to 7% to your home’s value. This doesn’t sound like much but the reality is that swimming pools are very desirable in Central Texas for the obvious reason that we have heat for most of the year.

In Central Texas, a homeowner can practically use their swimming pool for up to 10 months of the year so regardless if you’re planning on investing in a swimming pool for your forever home, or for the home that you’re going to be living in for the next 10 years, it is a smart investment for you to make that will also add to the quality of your life as well.

The good news is that right now is the perfect time of year to build a swimming pool in Central Texas because, with the warm weather summer months ahead it’s only going to take a contractor about 10 weeks to get the job done so if you were to have your swimming pool project started in July it could be done as early as the first week of October or sooner.

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