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Home Buying Tips – What to replace in a home after you buy it

Are you planning on purchasing a new investment home in the Austin Texas area? If so, there are five things that you should do especially if you want to move into the property without any concerns about if there could be potential problems with the property that have not been detected yet.


The toilets in a home should ALWAYS be replaced in a home after you purchase it because, older toilets can easily start leaking, potentially damage your home and cost you hundreds of dollars more per year in water costs.

Wall Outlets

It’s always a good idea to replace wall outlets as well because older outlets can potentially be a fire hazard waiting to happen.

Fire Extinguishers

If the home that you purchase has fire extinguishers, they should be replaced as well because you really don’t know how old those extinguishers are and you want to have confidence that they are going to work should you need to use them.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

More important things to replace in a home are the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These typically cost about $20-$30 each and are worth every penny especially since this investment can easily save lives.

Light Bulbs

Last of all, but most important, you should replace the light bulbs in the home that you purchase with energy efficient bulbs since these bulbs have been proven to save homeowners hundreds per year off their energy costs.

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