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    Texas Is On The Road Back To Normal Following Coronavirus

    There’s no doubt that coronavirus has changed the business community in Texas because, most businesses that are classified as non-essential services, including real estate companies, have been closed down due to the pandemic. Sadly, after being closed down for almost two months, most businesses that have not been earning any Revenue during a coronavirus pandemic are close to shutting down completely or may even be considering bankruptcy. Thankfully, Texas governor Greg Abbott hasn’t made efforts to reopen businesses in the state of Texas including promising $50 million in small business loans. Learn More About The Austin Texas Real Estate Market To learn more about the Austin Texas real estate market,…

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    Austin-area gas prices keep plunging

    Austin-area gas prices continued to drop this week, driven by a sharp decline in both oil prices and consumer demand, according to new data from industry tracking firm GasBuddy.com. The price for regular unleaded gasoline is currently $1.56 per gallon in the Austin metro area, according to GasBuddy, which surveys prices at 830 Austin-area gasoline sellers. That’s a drop of 7 cents from last week’s average price of $1.63 per gallon and is down 37 cents from the same week last month. The current average price per gallon is 92 cents lower than it was at the same time last year, according to GasBuddy data. The $1.56 per gallon average…

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    More Californian’s Are Relocating To Texas Than Ever Before

    This will be no surprise to anyone in the Austin area but, thanks to recent data, we know that between 2018 and 2019 the state of Texas grew by close to 400,000 people and most of those new residents came from California. That’s huge news considering the fact that the Dallas suburb of Arlington Texas has about 400,000 people alone and the odds grow increasingly likely her every single day that Texas will only continue to see more people migrating from California in the years to come. Yes, More People Are Moving To Texas Texas’ 2018-19 population growth eclipsed that of the country’s largest state, California. The Golden State saw…

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