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    Property Tax 101 – Learn More About Property Taxes in Texas

    One thing that every homeowner in Texas should be receiving in the coming days is their property tax bill because it’s usually mailed by the end of October. Property taxes in Texas are due upon receipt and this means that if they are not paid by January 31st at the latest, they will be considered to be delinquent and a homeowner may start receiving interest charges on their original property tax amount by February 1st. Understanding Property Taxes in Texas If you just moved to Texas and purchased a home or you’ve lived here for years and need a ‘refresher” on your property taxes, here is information on property taxes…

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    Property Tax Protest, 2017

    Taxes, Taxes & More Taxes “The thing generally raised on city land is taxes.” -Charles Dudley Warner 2017 is the year we should all be protesting our property tax assessments. While 2016 was a record breaking year for home sales in the metro area, annual home sales growth slid from 5% to 1%  and price growth from 8% to 6%. Yet, it’s almost a certainty that your notice of appraised value shows increases of 10%+. That tells me it’s time to review your tax assessment carefully with your favorite Realtor. You have probably received advertisements from companies offering to help you protest the value. While some of these services can be of value to those with little time,…

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    E-file your 2016 Property Tax Protest Today!

      Today is the last day to e-file your protest to your 2016 Tax Notice of Value. My advice, everyone should do this. It only takes about 5 minutes. You can still protest your notice of value by mail through the 31st. File yours electronically, now, here!

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