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Fall In Central Texas – Central Texas Real Estate Market Update

Howdy folks! Can you believe that come Monday it’ll officially be Autumn?! By then, the Longhorns will be 3-1, the Cowboys 3-0 and we’ll turn our attention to all the deep fried yumminess the Texas State Fair has to offer!

I’m only half kidding about our obsession with artery clogging foods, but did you know October is traditionally one of the top 4 months for central Texas real estate sales? If you are thinking of a move, now is a great time to visit with “your favorite Realtor” to see how best to take advantage of the market.

Holy interest rates, Batman!

Two years ago most economists projected interest rates around 5.5% by now. Yet, here we are back in the mid 3s.

If you are considering a home purchase, we should talk as soon as possible before the rates start their inevitable climb back up.

Homeowners, if you have an interest rate over 4%, we should talk immediately about refinancing! Several of our clients, including 3 who purchased in 2018, have already closed on a refinance saving themselves thousands of dollars!! Does that interest rate motivate you? Perhaps it should!!

August home sales increased just over 6% compared to 2018 here in central Texas. Home sales are up 4% year-to-date compared to 2018 and with some of the lowest interest rates we’ve seen in years, I can’t imagine the local sales slowing at all.http://realestateinatx.com/contact/

Whether you are a prospective home seller wanting to take advantage of a seller friendly market or a prospective home buyer motivated by these surprising low interest rates, get with me as soon as you can to build an action plan!

Contact me at (512) 944-7378 or click here.

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