holiday staging
Holiday Staging

Holiday Staging – The Key To Success With Selling A Home During The Holidays

Are you planning on selling your Austin Texas home during the holidays? If so, you come to the right place.

Staging is one of the keys to success with selling any home during the holidays because you can capitalize on the holidays by decorating it properly so that a buyer can envision themselves living there.

Start Staging Now

Let’s say that your home listing is going to be live in December, if that’s the case, you should start staging your home now.

Get your fake Christmas tree out of the garage, hang your lights, and all of your favorite Christmas decorations, because it doesn’t matter if it’s Thanksgiving yet or not, the goal is to be ready for buyers and help them to envision themselves living there.

Focus On Smells

Another important thing that you want to do as part of holiday staging is to focus on smells. This means that before people show up for your open house, you should bake something in the oven.

Baking cookies or something that has a wonderful aroma, will provide your home with a lot of smells that can often be influential at helping buyers to see themselves celebrating the holidays in your home.

Don’t Go Overboard

All the staging is important, the last thing that you want to do is not go to the extremes that Clark Griswold went to in the Christmas vacation movie.

You can stage home tastefully but, just make sure that you have a plan for that staging so that once the staging is ready, your agent will have confidence that your property is ready for sale.

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