Austin Texas Real Estate Market

Austin Texas Real Estate Market Update – June 2020

With the State of Texas having been reopened following Coronavirus the big question is how is the Austin Texas Real Estate Market doing? What can we expect this summer?

In this article, I will break down the state of the ATX real estate market and provide you with tips if you plan on buying or selling a home here.

What’s Happening With The ATX Real Estate Market?

Before Coronavirus (BC), the Austin Texas Real Estate market had been on a record run, much like the Rolling Stones, the local real estate market didn’t show any sign of slowing down.

After Coronavirus hit, the real estate market ground to a halt. This was understandable because many people were sheltering at home to avoid spreading COVID-19 and there were very few sales.

Fast forward to today and the good news is that the ATX Real Estate funding market is ready to make a dramatic comeback after going through a tough period between March and May.

Right now, mortgage interest rates have never been lower and there’s a chance that we could see rates go lower, making right now one of the best times in history to buy a home, anywhere.

The Austin Texas real estate market has without a doubt fared better than other markets across the United States.

Home sales in the Austin area have picked up dramatically in the last 30 days as more people have started going back to work and resuming their home buying or selling efforts after putting them on hold back in March.

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Tips For Sellers

The same “timeless” home sales tips apply now more than ever before.

If you plan on selling your home, make sure that it’s de-cluttered and stage before pictures are taken because you want to present the best possible version of your home to buyers.

You should also have a virtual tour of your home posted online and verify that your agent makes your listing as interactive as possible for buyers to really know your home before touring it in person.

Tips For Buyers

Buyers, you should be getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan now especially if you plan on house hunting within the next 30 days.

Before applying for a mortgage though, make sure to order a copy of your 3-in-1 Credit Report so that you can verify what’s on your credit report and remove any negative items because this will affect the loan that you qualify for.

Once you’re ready to start house hunting, take the time to think about your criteria for a home including neighborhood, amenities, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and price because this will make your agents job a lot easier when it comes to them finding the perfect home for you.

Get Started With Buying Or Selling A Home In Austin

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