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H-E-B giving raise to hourly employees through April 12

As H-E-B employees work to keep up with customers flocking to its stores amid the coronavirus pandemic, the Texas grocery store chain announced March 20 the company is giving many of its hourly employees a raise.

Hourly employees who work at H-E-B’s store, manufacturing, warehouse and transportation departments will receive a $2 per hour raise that is effective March 16 through April 12, the store announced.

It’s all in an effort to recognize the employees’ hard work and commitment to their customers and communities.

“Texans rely on H-E-B and we rely on our great Partners. We understand it is our responsibility to provide essential services to our customers during a time when so many other businesses have not been able to stay open or have had to scale back operations significantly,” the company said in a Facebook post. “H-E-B Partners come together during times of crisis to take care of each other and our Customers. This is the Spirit of H-E-B.”

The grocery chain’s employees are grateful for the recognition.

“H-E-B really cares about their employees, and I’m glad they’re offering this raise because we are all putting in hard work and long hours,” said Lori Flores, an H-E-B cashier. “It was much needed.”

On March 17, H-E-B announced the company delivered a trailer of food to the Central Texas Food Bank to support vulnerable communities during the coronavirus pandemic. These efforts follow H-E-B’s $1.2 million investment to Feeding Texas, the supermarket chain said in a press release.

H-E-B is currently hiring short-term workers to help with increased demand due to coronavirus.


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