iBuyer Program

What Is The iBuyer Program?

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a home in the Austin Texas area, you may come across a newer program online called the iBuyer Program. This program is specifically targeted to homeowners who want to sell their homes without having to go through that traditional work of having to declutter, stage, or market their properties online before listing them.

iBuyer Program Explained

Even though the ibuyer program may seem to be a good program, the truth that it does come with fees that can make the iBuyer sales process up to 30% more expensive than working with the traditional real estate agent.

Sadly, what most sellers don’t know is that average homeowner who has sold their home within the last year through the ibuyer program has earned about 11% less then what they could have earned had they sold their home with the help of an experienced real estate agent in their city or town.

Should You Choose The iBuyer Program?

Yes, the ibuyer program does come with fees that sellers will have to pay if they decide to list their homes with this program but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad program.

This program will always appeal to sellers who do not want to go through the traditional work necessary to sell a home for top dollar so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

For those homeowners though who want to sell their homes for top dollar, I wholeheartedly recommend that you choose the services of a licensed real estate agent such as myself.

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