Real Estate Tips

Do I Work with Expired Listings?

One of the worst feelings as a home owner is to list your home for sale on the MLS only to have that listing result in becoming expired.

These listings occur every year for a variety of reasons and they are typically not the homeowner’s fault.

Why Do Expired Listings Occur?

An expired listing can happen for any reason including the fact that the home was not staged or de-cluttered before it was listed for sale, the listing agent didn’t have a good marketing plan in place to promote the home online, or the home did not attract enough attention from buyers in the area.

The good news about expired listings is that they are not necessarily a bad thing, an expired listing is an opportunity for a real estate agent such as myself to review the property, find out what went wrong, and then offer the seller a comprehensive plan which will help them to sell their home in a timely manner for top dollar.

What About Canceled or Withdrawn Listings?

Besides expired listings, I also work with canceled or withdrawn listings as well. If you, or someone that you know has an expired, cancel or withdrawn listing I would love to speak with you about your property to help you find out what went wrong and recommend solutions to help you finally get your property sold.

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