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Austin Texas Ranked As 6th Largest Tech Hub in the United States

Are you planning on relocating to Austin Texas to work in technology or maybe start your own tech company? If so, you will be in good company.

Thanks to a recent article by patch.com, and data from the CBRE scorecard, we know that Austin has been ranked as the 6th largest technology hub in the United States

This won’t be news to some people because Austin has been quietly luring companies from Silicon Valley for years thanks to the lower cost of living and affordable home prices that can’t be found in California.

A Great Place for The Tech Industry

Besides being a great place to get a tech job, Austin is also an ideal place to start a company because of the large pool of talent that’s available here.

Recent data has shown that close to 7 percent of Austin’s total labor force works in the technology field alone. This means that roughly 73,000 people who live in the ATX area have technology jobs or are actively looking for jobs in the tech industry.

Austin’s tech talent pool has grown almost 13 percent since 2013! This is big news for the ATX area and another reason why many companies look to Austin each year for starting companies or opening up satellite offices here so that they can recruit new talent.

Where Are the Other Top Tech Talent Hubs in The United States?

Besides Austin, the recent data from the CBRE scorecard showed that the highest concentration of tech talent in the United Stas could be found in some of the usual places and some unexpected cities.

  1. San Francisco Bay area, San Francisco. Score: 84.7.
  2. Seattle. Score 73.82.
  3. Toronto, Ontario. Score: 69.88.
  4. Washington, D.C. Score: 69.83.
  5. New York, New York. Score: 65.12.
  6. Austin, Texas.Score: 62.10.
  7. Boston. Score: 60.26.
  8. Denver. Score: 59.43.
  9. Atlanta. Score: 58.08.
  10. Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. Score: 67.68.

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