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How to make your offer stand out

Planning on buying a home in Austin Texas this spring? If so, there are a variety of things you can do to make your offer stand out including the following:

#1 – Write A Letter to The Seller

During the process of buying a home in Austin Texas, or elsewhere in the United States, one of the best things you can do to make your offer stand out is to write a letter to the seller.

This tip is important because writing a letter to the seller will give the seller the ability to get to know you personally and learn more about your reasons for wanting to buy their home.

What can you put in your letter to the seller?

  • Features – Talk about the features that you like about the home and how it’s the best possible house for you and or your family.
  • Location – If the home is near your children’s schools, your job or other things in the area that you know and enjoy, you shouldn’t be afraid to talk about the location and how it’s a fantastic fit for your family.
  • Amenities – Does the home have great amenities? If so, don’t be afraid to talk about them in your letter and how you or your family will enjoy using them on a regular basis.

#2 – Offer An “As Is” Inspection Contingency

Another excellent way to make your offer stand out from other buyers is to offer an “as is” inspection contingency.

“An ‘as is’ inspection contingency lets the client find out the condition of the property and lets the seller know that the buyer will not ask for any repairs,”

#3 – Don’t Be Afraid to Escalate Your Offer

Once you find a home that you really want, don’t be afraid to escalate your offer. This means that you submit your offer but if the seller presents a counter offer you will “escalate” or increase your offer by X, or anything over a certain point until your offer is accepted.

Escalating your offer is a great way for you to “stay in the game” as a buyer and not lose out on a home that you really want to purchase.

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