What Is The LG Styler? Should You Buy One For Your Home?

Image credit – LG

There’s no doubt that homeowners have a lot of gadgets that companies want them to buy these days but the BIG question is how many of those gadgets are really useful? The good news is that there are some really cool and useful technology that homeowners should consider buying and the LG Styler is “must have” technology.

What Is The LG Styler?

The LG Styler is a unique machine that will sanitize your clothes and reduce allergens while also reducing the number of wrinkles that your clothes may have and ensure that your “special care” clothes are ready for you to wear.

With it’s TrueSteam technology, the LG Styler can also remove odors that are known to cling to fabrics and eliminate the possibility of you transferring allergens around your home especially when you wear clothes that you haven’t put on in some time.

This machine is without a doubt one of the most useful pieces of technology that any home can have because most people suffer from some form of allergy or asthma these days and the LG Styler can remove up to 99% of allergens from clothing before someone wears it.

The Styler isn’t simply about cleaner, fresher clothes, however. The slow drying function is perfect for delicates that have to be hand washed. Brucia tells me, “The slow drying function is perfect for just-washed delicates that require air drying. By facilitating the drying process in LG Styler, fabrics not only dry much faster, but also come out without wrinkles. It’s also great for sweaters that, if you’re like us, often get spread out throughout the home to dry for nearly an entire day. LG Styler gets it done faster without taking up real estate on clothing racks, chairs, and tables.”

How much does it cost? The LG Styler costs between $1,200 and $2,100 depending on if you choose a unit that’s WiFi enabled or not.

To learn more about the LG Styler visit the LG website or you can find it in local stores that sell appliances. 

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