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How to Make Your Austin Home Stand Out in A Buyers’ Market

Are you planning on selling your Austin Texas home? If so, there’s no doubt this real estate market is different than what we had 12 months ago and it can now be classified as a “buyers’ market”.

Thankfully, you can make your ATX home stand out from the competition by following the four tips listed in this article.

Depersonalize Your Home

Regardless if you’ve lived in your home for 6 or 60 years, it’s going to have a lot of personalization that you’ve made over the years and you don’t want those little details standing out, distracting potential buyers from having an interest in your Austin home.

To get started with depersonalizing your house, you have to literally remove the YOU, from your house:

  • Remove artwork
  • Take down photos
  • Change window coverings
  • Pack up knick-knacks or treasures
  • Remove as much of the clutter as possible

Paint Your House

Besides depersonalizing your home, another great way to make it stand out from other ATX homes for sale in your neighborhood is to paint it inside and out.

A fresh coat of paint will literally help to clean up your home and make it feel brighter on the inside especially if you choose bright, neutral colors.

Start Moving Out Now

Even though you may not have purchased your next home yet, you should start moving out now because this will help you to make the process of moving onto your next home so much easier.

Start the moving process now by packing up items that you haven’t used in at least six months. These boxes should be placed neatly in your garage or storage unit.

If you have a fair amount of excess “stuff” that you don’t use regularly, you should consider having a yard sale to sell some stuff and then take what’s leftover to your local Goodwill for donation.

Clean Up The property

Last, of all, break out your mower and gardening equipment to clean up your front yard and back yard. This is important to do (even during winter) because it shows buyers that you care for your property and aren’t the type of person who is willing to let maintenance go for months at a time.

Sell Your Austin Texas Home

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