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Board of Realtor Stats vs MLS Data – Jan 2017

макси маркетс отзывы
The Austin Board of Realtors (ABOR) just released their report on January home sales. As we wait for all the media to report the data, I think it’s a fun exercise to check that data.

The graphic below illustrates the difference in ABOR’s data and that which you can find in Matrix (the software Realtors use to list properties and to find opportunities for prospective home buyers). The top of the graphic is ABOR’s data. The bottom shows screenshots of the MLS data found in Matrix.

Of note, demand, represented in the ABOR graphic is up 7% while Matrix shows a 4.4% increase. Supply represented in the graphic by months of inventory, is shown to be at  2 months of supply in ABOR’s graphic compared to 6 months of supply in Matrix.

Let’s pose the obvious question, which is correct? Is it the Board of Realtors tasked with managing the data and running Matrix or Matrix itself?

Stay tuned my friends and let me know if you want to take advantage of the market!

ABOR vs MLS Jan 2017

(click to expand graphic)

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