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Lawn & Grass Care in Central Texas



Lawn & Grass Care in Central Texas

It’s that time of year where the days are getting cooler and maybe you’re looking outside thinking ‘I give up on this grass!’  Well, don’t give up just yet, you CAN save it!

Last year we were in the same boat but with a little bit of work, we turned brown, nearly dead grass into a lush green yard (and it stayed green all summer long!).  Here are some tips that really helped us:

  • First and foremost, stay on top of those weeds y’all!  And use your hands and hand-tools, not poison!  You must grab those weeds and pull them out, roots & all.  I think weed patrolling every 3 weeks should serve you pretty well.  If you go too long, the weeds take over and you’ll damn near get carpal tunnel trying to pull them all out in one day.  But, it’s worth it, trust me.  And one day, when your grass is super dense, weeds won’t grow so much at all.
  • Maybe you have some freshly-laid sod and it’s not really “taking” and rooting into the underlying dirt.  Aerate that soil.  You can get a small tool similar to this one http://www.amazon.com/Alterra-Tools-SGA3-Garden-Aerator/dp/B00CU9QDN2/ref=lp_3480687011_1_13?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1413650349&sr=1-13  they also have cleat-like attachments to your shoes you could try out while mowing your lawn.  2 birds with one stone!
  • When you mow, leave that grass at least 4 inches long.  We leave our mower on the max. setting.  A lot of people like to scalp their grass to get that tight crew-cut look of the 1950’s, but let me remind you, we’re in a drought and that Texas-hot sun is a grass killer!
  • Sprinkle sprinkle that compost all over those dead-looking patches (and even in the non-troubled areas for extra credit).  Do it now and again in early-to-mid-February.  My favorite is Lady Bug Revitalizer Compost.  If the patches are too barren, consider some new sod or planting seeds.
  • Try to water early morning and early evening to avoid sun-magnification-resulting-in-burning-of-grass.  A nice, deep, long watering can do wonders, depending on your grass type.
  • You may find grass just won’t grow close to the base of a tree or in the shade.  Consider alternative uses for that space (e.g. mulching, rock-gardening, storage, shade-friendly plants or a planter box/pot).
  • If your yard has more serious problems to tackle, the Natural Gardener (http://www.naturalgardeneraustin.com) is a really wonderful resource.  Not only is their staff incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, but their website is amazing.
  • Here are some sweet links from the Natural Gardener on lawn care and watering:  http://www.naturalgardeneraustin.com/images/stories/content_images/media_center/info_sheets/lawn_care_guide.pdf http://www.naturalgardeneraustin.com/images/stories/content_images/media_center/info_sheets/lawn_watering_guide.pdf  and of course your monthly to-do lists: http://www.naturalgardeneraustin.com/what-to-do-in-October.html
  • One last thing, every homeowner needs organic ant killer!

This is the time of year where you can make great progress on your outdoor projects without getting a heat stroke.  Get out there and make yourself proud.