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Texans Competing in Sochi


US of Texas




Looking for Texas athletes in this year’s winter olympics? You might be surprised just how well represented we are in Sochi!

If there’s one thing Texans know, it’s speed skating. Of course I’m kidding but whether tuning into the speed skating long or short track events,  you’ll find a Texan! Find Jonathan Garcia (Katy native) tearing it up on the Long Track and Denton’s own Jordan Malone flying through the Short Track.

Crave a bit of danger in your olympic watching? Check out this year’s Bobsled events featuring a few more Lone Star athletes. Running in both the 2 man and 4 man events are San Antonio’s Justin Olsen & McKinney’s Johnny Quinn.

Maybe Bobsled isn’t your thing, or perhaps you think the Luge should be raced head first, well you are in luck! Racing again in the Skeleton event (you know, luge but head first) is Katie Uhlaender (McGregor). Katie is one of the rock stars of this Olympics and though she currently claims McDonald, Kansas as home, we know she’s Texan through and through!

And though they aren’t skating for the Red White & Blue, there’s a few more Texans to keep your eyes peeled for. The Dallas Stars are sending several players to Sochi this year including shut down goal keeper Kari Lehtonen, captain Jamie Benn and 18 year old rookie Valeri Nichushkin. Find Kari tending the net for Team Finland, Jamie wracking up points for the gold medal defending and this year’s favorite Team Canada and our wonder kid Valeri wreaking havoc for the motherland, Team Russia.

So as you settle in to watch the spectacle, raise your cup of hot cider in support of the great ole U.S. of A. and most of all, let’s support Texas!