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Welcome to the #ATX Summer X-Games

Think Austin’s trendiness is waning? Get over it! Austin welcomes yet another move from California this time in the form of ESPN’s Summer X-Games.

With the first event scheduled for May 15-18 in 2014, and another three years to follow, the alternative sports festival is primed to showcase the best of Austin to millions around the country. Considering the Winter X-Games 2012 brought in 35.4 million viewers (Transworld Business), the move to a new city  for the massively more popular Summer X-Games is sure to challenge if not easily exceed those ratings. 

Add that to the massive worldwide television ratings coming from last year’s inaugural F1 United States Grand Prix at Austin’s own Circuit of the Americas, which saw a not so shabby 547 million viewers worldwide (compared to this year’s Super Bowl’s 111 million viewers), and it’s easy to figure out why the world is falling in love with our fair city.

ACL-Fest, SXSW, F1’s US Grand Prix and now a four year contract with ESPN’s Summer X-Games.

What does this mean for the local housing market? This Realtor believes it’s a clear sign the tide is rising in all major economic and housing statistics and it’s primed to continue for quite some time. And yes, that includes home values and affordability.

Fence sitters and opportunists, contact me now!

The whole world is watching!